Dear Family Members of Flexpointe Studios Inc.

Alberta schools will be closed as of March 16th, 2020. For the health and safety of our dance families we have made the decision to suspend all classes at this time. We are committed to doing our part to help stop the spread of sickness throughout our community. During this very uncertain time, we want our dance families to know that we are here for you.

We want everyone to be safe, but we also know you want to dance and so do we! We’re in the process of recording virtual classes and putting together resources and activities to keep you active and learning at home. This will be a great chance to practice what you’ve been doing in class and also an opportunity to try something new.
Plus we’re thinking up some fun challenges you can do in your house, in your yard, and with your siblings if you have them. We’ll be announcing them throughout our break and hope you’ll participate.

You might be wondering about Competition and Recital. As of right now these activities are postponed. We’ll need to wait until gathering in large groups is safe again. Maybe that will be soon enough to keep our dates, but it might not be. And that’s OK! Rest assured we recognize the event fees you have paid, and once further information is made available by the events we will address those fees.

Dancers are athletes but we’re most importantly artists. And Artists are creative! We will use our creativity to keep you active and entertained during the closure.

Remember we’re all in this together! It’s going to be different, but different can be awesome. Let’s get excited about trying something new. Together!

Expect to hear from us soon!

Many warm hugs and much love,

~Miss Melissa

Melissa Kastelic
Studio Owner/Director
Flexpointe Studios Inc.

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