This past weekend we celebrated our 2019/20 dance season.

Saturday June 6th was the day Flexpointe dancers were scheduled to take to the stage for Recital 2020. While we are sad that we can’t celebrate with all of you through live in-person performance, we are forever grateful for the technology and creative thinking that allowed us to celebrate in a new way this year.

We are so proud and immensely grateful for all the dancers and families who have been part of our community this season. Words can not even express the strength and energy you have given to me, to our teachers and to our staff. This time has been tough. It’s been filled with every emotion from tears, to frustration, to laughter and joy. But as a community we stand stronger then ever.

To all my Flexpointe dancers: please know that a large piece of the laughter and joy that I have experienced during this time has come from you. Your resilience and optimism is truly remarkable. Your ability to push through and show up, even when you’re having a rough day, is truly inspiring. I see you. I appreciate you. I care about you. Don’t ever think you can’t do hard things. You can. I’ve seen it. I know it.

To our Flexpointe families: thank you for being there. Thank you for moving furniture, learning the technology and supporting your child(ren) in continuing their training at home. During this time parents and guardians have been called to take on many new roles, and we are so grateful that dance teacher tech support and class assistant was one of them. You’ve really all been superstars. Without your continued support none of what we’ve accomplished would have been possible. I am forever grateful to have you in our community.

To the Flexpointe Staff: I feel so blessed to have each and every one of you on my team. From day 1 of our closure to in-person classes you’ve shown a willingness to learn new technology, adapt your lesson plans and not only listen to all my crazy ideas, but help make them happen; all with a smile on your face and words of encouragement. We’ve come even closer as a team during this time, meeting weekly to talk about how we can be better teachers for our dancers in this virtual world. Exploring: What’s working? What’s not? How are dancers doing? Who should we reach out to? What can we do?… A large part of our success and ability to keep Flexpointe going during this time is because of you and your ongoing commitment to our dance families and our studio values. You are valued. You are gifted. You are appreciated.

To my family: my strength during this time has been because of you. Your help with researching public health regulations and government support. Being a sounding board for me when faced with making some tough decisions. Helping me when I’ve been frustrated with technology. Putting up with my long days and what I’m sure seems like continuous chatter on new ideas or different ways I can solve a problem. Your help, love and support is so appreciated. I’m so grateful that I did not have to walk this journey alone. You are immensely loved.

Despite the challenges we have faced; I will forever be grateful for the 2019/20 dance season. This experience has pushed me to grow. This experience put a spotlight on the things that I value most. I’m so proud of how our community has adapted. And I’m so excited for the new opportunities that the 2020/21 dance year will bring.

Sending you all the biggest of virtual hugs,


~ Miss Melissa


Flexpointe Studios Inc.

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