Virtual classes are not only a great option while we’re going through this uncertain time (and the safest option for some families), it’s also a great option for when you’re unwell, have a flat tire, or your family is having a super busy day and getting you to dance is just not possible.


Many of you may consider yourselves experienced “Virtual Veterans” or perhaps even a “Virtual Virtuoso”, but for those of you who still feel more “Green with Gadgets” we’ve put together 5 ways to prepare and get the most from your virtual dance class:


  1. Test your techThis article from the University of Alberta walks through a few tech questions. They state: A good rule of thumb for home Internet is to have about 75Mbps download and upload speed. If you’d like to test your internet connection to check speed, test it here. If your download and upload speeds are over 75Mbps your speed is considered to be adequate. This number will vary through the day depending on how many people are using the internet and what content is being accessed.
  2. Prepare a space. For most dance classes a 2 meter square space would serve you well. If you’re taking a jumps & turns class or anticipate the need for lots of travelling steps (i.e. a jazz class) you might find a longer space like a hallway works better. For ballet and jazz classes having access to a barre alternative such as a stool or chair or even space next to a blank wall is beneficial. For tap classes look at getting a tap board (see this tap board DIY blog post Miss Lauren put together). Not enough space? Reach out! Your teachers can help you find alternative exercises or modifications.
  3. Be patient. It might take time for your teacher to sign on. If it’s more than 10minutes into your class time and you still haven’t been let in, give the studio a call so we can help.
  4. Speak up! If you can’t hear the music or the teacher, or if the sound overall is too loud or distorted, let the teacher know. We’re still learning too, and because we’re using a mixer the sound we hear in the studio is not the same as the sound levels you hear at home. Let us know and we can do some troubleshooting.
  5. Come with an open mind, don’t write the experience off. Yes we all want to be in studio, but taking class virtually is a great option. Keeping your body moving and staying connected are important too.
After spending close to 4 months dancing from home last Spring, we know that nothing beats being back in the studio. But having the ability to access classes virtually when needed, is a great way to use technology to keep doing what we love.

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