I’m not just talking about dance classes, I’m also talking about the “dancing randomly to a song on Spotify/Apple Music in your living room” kinda dancing 😊.

Ever listen to music and find yourself unconsciously grooving and moving to the beat? Think about it and I’m sure you’ll find several examples of dancing in your day-to-day life (and if you can’t, I’m going to share why you should make time to dance in just a minute). 

Your toddler rocking out while watching the Wiggles, or maybe you’ve got your favourite playlist on while you’re making lunch and you can’t help but bounce or sway. 

Think back, how do you feel when the song’s over? Chances are you feel happy, relaxed, just… better. 

Dance is not something reserved only for dance class, there are so many benefits that everyone can experience from dancing anywhere, anytime.

Here’s some of the benefits of dance:

  1. Dancing helps to regulate the nervous system. It gets those feel good hormones going to help calm a frustrating day, and can boost your mood if you’re feeling low. 
  2. Dance can boost your confidence. It’s true! Think of boxers before they enter the ring. What do they do? They dance! I’ve seen many kids grow from shy to confident, through dance. 
  3. Dance develops creativity and personal expression. Ever watch a preschooler dance? They are so carefree and move in ways you’d never think of! Kids who are dancers learn to use dance as a way of expressing themselves. And let’s face it, I think many of us can relate to dancing for joy at a wedding or swaying while singing holiday songs with our family. 
  4. Dance improves coordination, body awareness and musicality. Moving your arms, legs, bouncing, jumping, gliding, etc; it’s all working to improve your body awareness and muscle control as you explore different types of movements, speeds, and energy. And these benefits aren’t just reserved for a structured dance class. You can do this intuitively on your own by dancing at home. 
  5. Dance can improve our connection with others. Dancing with others is not a must, but it is a great way to share joy, energy and to feel connected with something bigger than ourselves.  

And guess what friend? You can receive the benefits of dance inside and outside of the studio. So bring on those kitchen grooves, laundry room moves and living room dance-offs. It’s all beneficial. 

There you have it! Let’s all make more time for joy and bring on the dancing! Tell your family Nurse Melissa says so 👩‍⚕️.


About the Author:  Ms. Melissa is Owner & Director at Flexpointe Studios Inc. A dance educator with over 20years of teaching experience. She’s also a Registered Nurse, coffee consumer, hiking fanatic, and mom to one very active preschooler. Her dance classes are full of energy, creative ideas, and at times are a little silly too.

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