Policies - Flexpointe Studios Inc
1. Dance Season

The 2020/21 dance season begins September 11th, 2020. The last scheduled instructional day is June 13th, 2021. Please refer to our season calendar for a detailed list of studio events and holiday closures.

2. Class Attire

Clothing is an important part of dance class. The correct clothing prevents injury, allows the instructor to see when the student is performing movements correctly, allows for free movement, and fosters a team atmosphere. A list of class dress requirements is available on our website. Students who do not come to class in the proper clothing may be asked to sit and observe the class for their own safety. Students should cover up their dance attire with appropriate clothing when entering and exiting the studio from outside.

3. Onboarding

Water bottles are permitted in the studios with teacher permission, however no other food or beverages will be allowed.

We ask that outdoor shoes be removed at the front door before entering the studio.

All students, parents, instructors and support staff are expected to demonstrate respect for all students, families and staff of Flexpointe Studios Inc at all times. Flexpointe Studios Inc reserves the right to dismiss anyone thought to be disrespectful or not following studio policies.

Student Responsibilities

  • Uphold studio values
  • Punctual – arrive on time and ready to dance (hair neat and pulled back, shoes on, right attire).
  • Prepared to learn – focused, polite, properly dressed.
  • Practice – like any sport or musical instrument, practice is essential for success. It is very important for students to be practicing choreography as well as exercises and terminology for examinations.
  • Positive attitude – everyone learns best in a positive environment, poor attitudes in class will not be tolerated.
  • Team player – Dance is a team activity. Students have a commitment to the team to attend class regularly and practice frequently.

Parent Responsibilities

  • Uphold studio values
  • Parents should make every effort to ensure that their child arrives to class on time and is picked up following class in a timely manner.
  • Let the instructor know if you have any concerns, but please not between classes. Maintaining open and honest communication with our parents is important to us. If you have a concern, please leave a message for the instructor or Director with office staff.
  • Read newsletters to stay informed of studio events.
  • Ensure all fees are paid in a timely manner.
  • Respect policies and instructor concerns.

Instructor & Staff Responsibilities

  • Uphold studio values
  • Start and finish classes on time.
  • Treat students fairly.
  • Provide a positive and creative learning experience.
  • Teach age and level appropriate classes and choreography.
  • Communicate concerns promptly with the Director and parents as required.
  • Uphold studio philosophy.
4. Customer Portal

Each family will have an online portal to process payments, register for classes, etc. It is your responsibility to keep all info (contact info, payment info, etc.) up to date. You can sign up or log in on the homepage of our website. Please contact info@flexpointe.ca with any questions about your portal and/or account info. In this portal, when registering a parent or guardian will need to sign off on all the policies.

CURRENT STUDENTS: Please check and confirm your contact, payment information, dancers grade is correct and up to date. Once you have registered, please verify all your classes are correct by logging into your customer portal.

5. Hybrid Class Model & Virtual Classes

ONGOING VIRTUAL CLASSES: All classes for the 2020/21 dance season will be streaming live through Zoom for all registered students, giving you the option of participating either in-person at the studio, or virtually from home each week. We will be offering a limited number of classes taught exclusively through Zoom.

UNEXPECTED VIRTUAL CLASSES: If we are mandated to close our physical location or cancel in-person classes due to any government or Alberta Health order or guidance, classes will convert to virtual classes and instruction will continue. We have had great success with all ages on our virtual classes and are confident we can continue to engage our dancers should the need arise.

6. Withdrawal
  1. 6 Month & 10 Month Programming: If at any time a decision is made to remove your child or yourself from any program or class, you must provide 30 day written notice of the withdrawal to Flexpointe Studios Inc. Once processed, tuition fees are non-refundable unless a note from a medical doctor indicating the student’s inability to continue lessons is provided. Costume deposits and fees are also non-refundable after being processed. You will be responsible for the total costume fees and any performance fees if you withdraw from classes after November 1st.
  2. Sessional classes: Pro-rated refunds will only be provided up to and including the 2nd class of the session. After this time no refunds will be issued for any reason.

This withdrawal policy remains in effect even if we have a government or Alberta Health mandated closure of our physical location or in-person classes. In the event of a closure or cancellation of in-person classes, classes will convert to virtual learning through Zoom and instruction will continue.

7. Tuition Fees
  1. There is a registration fee of $30+gst for an individual or $40+gst for a family per year. There is no registration fee for students enrolled in 12 week programming.
  2. Annual Tuition fees are based on the number of instructional hours a student receives per week. 2020/21 Program fee information is as follows:
    1. Mini Program
    2. Recreational & Competitive Program
    3. Adult Program
  3. GST is an additional charge on all tuition fees.
  4. Fee schedule is per student. Receive a 5% off tuition if enrolling 2 or more children.
  5. Tuition fees include regular scheduled classes only.
  6. Tuition fees do not include extra choreography fees associated with solo, duet or trio work. Costume, performance, private training (lessons), and examination fees are also extra.
  7. All annual fees are based on a minimum of 32 weeks of classes.
8. Fee Cap

A fee cap is the maximum dollar amount that any individual or family will pay per month (GST not included). Solo/duo/Trio fees are not included in the fee cap. Please be aware that the fee caps only include instructional fees for regular scheduled classes and do not include costume, performance, private training (private lessons) or examination fees.

  1. Individual fee cap: $334.80/month + GST
  2. Family fee cap: $486/month + GST
9. Tuition Payment

Step 1: The registration fee along with 10% of the annual tuition must be paid before the first class and are non-refundable (with the exception of 12 week session fees which must be paid in full).

Step 2: For 10 month program classes select one of the following options for the remainder of the tuition balance:

  1. Full annual tuition up front: receive an additional 5% discount for full tuition payments received prior to September 30th (for 10 month programs only). Must be paid by E-transfer or cheque to receive 5% tuition discount.
  2. Trimester tuition: For 10 month programs all post dated payments must be submitted by the first class. Cheques or post-dated VISA or Mastercard should be dated as follows: Oct. 1st, Jan 1st, Mar 1st
  3. Monthly payments: 9 monthly post dated payments for balance of tuition fees are only accepted from families who have children dancing 3 or more hours per week. Cheques or post-dated VISA or Mastercard payments should be dated from Oct 1 – June 1.

For classes starting in January all post dated payments must be submitted by the first class. Payments should be dated as follows:

  1. 50% tuition deposit, costume fee and Registration fee – submitted at time of registration.
  2. March 1st: balance of tuition.

For 12 week session classes tuition must be paid in full upon registration.

NSF cheques will result in an additional $20.00 charge.

Outstanding accounts a $20 late fee will be applied to accounts with outstanding balances by the 5th of the month. Accounts with outstanding balances by the 15th of the month will also be subject to an additional late fee equal to 5% of the balance owing.

Account statements: Please note that you will not be sent a monthly statement. Statements are provided upon request and are only sent out to remind you of late fees, costume fees, festival fees, and examination fees. Statements are emailed unless you have made a written request to the office to receive them by mail. You can login to our customer portal to view your account statement, including charges and payments, at any time.

10. Private Lessons

Private and semi-private lessons are available for students on a casual (as requested) or regular (weekly) basis. Lesson times are scheduled according to teacher and studio availability. The rate for a 1 hour private lesson is $80.00+gst and the rate for a 30 minute private lesson is $45.00+gst. Contact our office for package pricing for ongoing regular (weekly) lessons.

11. Additional Fees

(Fees not included in fee cap or tuition fees)

  1. Costume fees for Recreational Classes: Costume fees are due October 1st for Recreational & Mini Program classes. Costume fees are charged for every class excluding 12 week session classes and technique classes. Costume fees are as follows: Twirl classes – $75+gst; Groove – $65+gst. Recreational classes ages 6 – 8 yrs – $85+gst; Recreational classes ages 9 yrs & older – $95+gst.
  2. Costume fees for Competitive Classes: A $60 Costume deposit is due October 1st for each competitive class (excluding Technique classes). Keep in mind that this is just a deposit and any remaining balance will be posted to accounts in March. Estimated total costume costs for competitive student under 10 years is $85 – $100 each, and for students over 10 years is $90 – $140 each.
  3. All dancers please note: Students are permitted to keep their costumes following their Recital Performance. All costume fees are non-refundable. The majority of our costumes are ordered from manufactures in Canada and the United States. Because of this, please be aware that costumes are ordered based on standard sizing charts. All dancers are measured for costumes in the Fall and are assigned a standardized size. Please be aware that small adjustments may need to be made, such as hemming of pants or attaching ribbons or straps. These adjustments are the responsibility of the dancer.
  4. Examinations – Examinations in Ballet (R.A.D & C.D.T.A.), Tap (A.D.A.P.T.), Jazz (A.D.A.P.T.), Modern (C.D.T.A.) and Acro (A.D.T.A.) are available for eligible students upon approval of the instructor. Competitive dancers are strongly encouraged to participate in examinations. Examinations are a great way for parents and students to celebrate the dance achievements that have been made. Professional examiners from each dance syllabus will grade the student examinations. An examination fee will be charged for each examination in order to cover the cost of the exam and any extra needed rehearsals.
  5. Dance Festivals/Competitions and Stage Rehearsals – Students on the Competition team program will be participating in 2-4 Dance festivals and/or competitions in and around the Edmonton area. Entry fees for these events do apply and will be charged to the student’s account for November 1st.Group entry fees are approximately $35 – $45/dancer/event. Dance festivals may be scheduled during weekdays or weekends and as a result students may have to miss school. Please be aware that some dance festivals also charge an admission fee for parents/family/friends wishing to watch. This fee is usually around $5-$7 and is free for dancers participating in the festival. A Competition Team showcase (theatre rehearsal) will take place in March. This showcase will provide all competition team students the opportunity to perform their routines on stage in front of a live audience before festivals/competitions.
12. Class Photos

A professional photographer is hired each year to take group and individual photos of all dancers in their recital costumes. Photo times are also scheduled for solo, duet or trio groups. There is no sitting fee and no obligation to purchase photos. After photos are taken the proofs are available for you to view and select which photos you would like to purchase. No professional photographs are taken for any of the 12 week session classes.

13. Missed Classes

There are no refunds for missed classes. All classes are streamed live through Zoom for register dancers. Dancers are encouraged to attend virtually if unable to attend in-person. Please check out our season calendar to see a list of holidays and studio closures. In the event a teacher is ill, a substitute teacher may be scheduled to teach the class. If a suitable substitute teacher is not available then the class will be rescheduled.

14. Communication

A weekly newsletter will be emailed out every Monday by 8:00am and posted our Flexpointe Families website (link provided upon registration) to help keep parents and students up to date on studio news. We will have a Receptionist working during all regular scheduled classes. Families may email or call the studio with any questions. Calendar links will be provided to set-up meetings with teachers or the Director for information on your child’s ongoing progress.

15. Recital

All classes will participate in our annual recital held in June with the exception of our 12 week session classes. For the 2020/21 dance season, we will be holding a Winter Holiday show in December pending Alberta Health and government guidelines and restrictions. Recreational students may opt-out of performing in recital; however this must be communicated to the studio in writing before October 1st . After October 1st the student will be responsible for the total costume fee. Tickets will be sold for parents, family and friends to attend the show and usually range from $15 – $22 per ticket.

16. COVID-19 Studio Safety Plan

In response to the COVID-19 global pandemic, we have put together a studio safety plan, placing the health and safety of our dancers, their families and our staff first. Our full studio safety plan will be made available to all registered families. This plan will also be posted shortly on our website.

17. Privacy

When you purchase or hire a product or service with Flexpointe Studios Inc., the information we may collect from you includes your name, address, telephone numbers, email addresses, medical information and perhaps credit card details. It may also include details of the products and services we provide to you as well as the status of your enrollment. We only collect information directly from our students or their parent/guardians primarily for the purpose of providing services and products to you and to administer and manage invoicing and debt collection.

We may occasionally use your information to promote and market to you information which we consider may be of interest to you unless you contact us and tell us not to do so.

We will never sell or pass on any of your information to third parties unless required by government authorities or in the event of debt recovery. Any information passed on will be done so with appropriate privacy and confidentiality protection.

Information is stored securely in paper or electronic form and is accessible only by authorised personnel.

If you would like to know what information we hold about you or wish to update the information, or if you wish to be removed from all further direct marketing communications, please contact our office on telephone 780.462.7711.

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