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Sessional Classes (November – December)


We’re excited to be offering a variety of short-term sessional classes. Check back frequently for additional classes.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the class dress requirements?

Un-parented ballet classes: any colour bodysuit, dance tights and ballet shoes recommended. Ballet skirt optional.

Parented ballet classes:

  • Dancers: any colour bodysuit, dance tights and ballet shoes recommended. Ballet skirt optional. Dancers may wear comfortable clothing and bare feet or grippy socks.
  • Parents: comfortable clothing, grippy sock or ballet shoes.

Are masks required?

Our class sizes are limited so that we can maintain physical distancing throughout the class. Masks are required for ages 2years and up when in common areas of the studio (e.g. entering and exiting the buildi

ng), masks during class time are encouraged, but not required. Click here to see a full list of our COVID-19 Safety measures. 

Are parents allowed to stay and watch?

Un-parented classes: 1 parent/guardian may accompany the dancer into the studio, but

once the class has commenced parents are asked to exit the building. One parent/guardian is permitted to return to the studio 5 minutes before the class ends to meet their dancer. All classes are live streamed, so parents may view all classes virtually.

Parented classes: Dancers are to be accompanied by one parent/guardian for the duration of the class. At this time we are not able to accommodate any additional family members at our classes (with the exception of infants in a car seat). All classes are live streamed, so additional family members may view the class virtually.

What happens if we have to miss a class?

If dancers must remain at home for any reason and are not able to attend the class in-person, they can attend the class live from home using the class specific Zoom meeting information provided upon enrollment. Refunds are not provided for missed classes.

What is the withdrawal policy?

All sessional fees are non-refundable once the session has started. All of our classes are streamed live through Zoom, so if your family is unwell or unable to attend a class in-person, you can participate live through Zoom.

Any other questions? Reach out to us by email

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